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Python Image Converter

This is a simple Image converter written in Python

The app is using PIL ,rawpy and imageio . Files are converted to .jpg format

Convert for FREE multiple image files

I saw all kinds of software out there but when you have hundrends of raw images is tedious to convert one by one! Other Options were to get program suits like photoshop or even pay!


The .ai files are renamed as .pdf and moved to the converted directory !!!

What files can be used ?

DNG , CR2 , CRW, NEF , PEF, ERF , ORF , PPM , MOS , MRF , MRW , SRW and more!!!

Personally i convert a lot of .psd , .TIF and .dng files !!!


This script is multithreaded and checks if you have already converted an image!

Before you can use it Install :

 pip install Pillow rawpy imageio

Example usage

 git clone [my-app-name]
 cd [my-app-name]
 cd app
 # simple usage
 python --s <Enter-Path-Of-Directory>

 # set a custom target image format
 python --s <Enter-Path-Of-Directory> --ext '.png'

The application will create a folder ‘converted’ where all your converted images are located!

And you are done!


Python Image Converter